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And we're off!

Well, it's been a whirlwind last few days, but I am finally heading to the airport this afternoon.  The journey started Wednesday, when I left for Arizona.  I got to AZ about 3pm and Robby got to Pheonix from the Grand Canyon at 3pm.  I rented a car and we sped on over (or crawled, depending on the traffic) to Tempe, near ASU.  We grabbed some beers, some sushi, and hiked up the mountain to the big A, and then I drove him back to the airport around 9pm.  I took the 2 hour drive up to Prescott where my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandpa live and got there about 11:30.  I woke up around 7:30 the next day and wished my aunt and uncle a good trip down to Phoenix, where they were, of course, going to the airport to pick up another relative.  I spent the day with my Grandfather watching John Wayne movies and chatting until everyone got back from Phoenix.  We had burgers and then I sped back down to Phoenix around 4:30 (much more alert this time).  Before I left, I got yet another pair of shoes to stuff into the already extremely overweight suitcase.  Hey, if I'm already over 20 lbs over the limit, what's another 5?  I got to San Diego around 11pm, and it was glorious to see Sarah, Amanda, and Meredith's shining faces at the baggage claim.  We crashed at their friend's place (as Sarah and Amanda are currently homeless) and hit the beach bright and early (7am!) to secure the perfect spot at the beach for their Sarah and Amanda's going away party.  (it turned out that there was no need to really get there that early b/c it was a cold and cloudy day...but, it's nice to say that we beat teh crowds there) We hung out on the beach all day drinking mimosas and playing bocce ball.  Around 6 I hopped on the train to LA.  I promptly passed out and woke up dazed and confused in downtown LA. I took a bus to the airport and another bus to the hotel.  whew.  After all that, it was amazing to put my 100 lbs of luggage down (hey, I'm leaving for 2 years, ok!) somewhere where I knew that I would be for more than 24 hours. 

The last 2 days we've had a Peace Corps orientation.  There are 32 trainees here who are heading to Fiji. They all seem like amazing, interesting people, and I can't wait to learn more about them and Fiji.  We are meeting now to head to the airport.....so I've got to run.  But just think, after all this travelling, I'll be in Fiji by Wednesday (it's monday now.  we have a direct, 13 hour flight, but because we're crossing the date line, we lose tuesday forever). 

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